Our History

The Savannah Region is one of the newly created regions of Ghana. It was created following the signing of Constitutional Instrument (CI) 115 on the 12th of February, 2019. It is the largest region in terms of landmass in the country. the capital of the region Damango.

Most of the inhabitants of the region speak the Oti-Volta sub-family of the Niger Congo language of Guan. the largest of these groups is the Gonja (Ngbanye) with most of the population being Muslims. The Savannah Region has eighteen (18) senior high schools, three (3) health institutions and an Agricultural College. Most stakeholders advocated for the establishment of an initial teacher training college of education due to the vastness of the region  and the inadequacy of trained teacher in most basic schools.

The Savannah College of Education is the first college of education in the entire Savannah Region. It is affiliated to the University of Education (U. E. W) and was established in the year 2021. As the stakeholders  of the region were deliberating on the need to adopt any structure to start a public college, the former WASIPE SHS became one of the schools that could easily be converted to start the college.

The senior high school started operation in 2015. But due to the establishing of an E-Block structure in the community and the introduction of FSHS policy, the school did not enjoy the needed patronage and acceptance. The establishment of Savannah College of Education in the region, it is believed, would help manage the poor quality of basic education in the region. It would also promote the integral formation of the students in all dimensions of life spiritual, social, economic and cultural, in addition to the knowledge on their respective disciplines. Following a policy of government to create more region in 2018, it become clear that it is only Savannah Region that did not play  host to any college of education.

There is also the need train teachers who can communicate to K-P3 pupils in their local languages (Gonja). Pursuant to this policy, there was the need to establish a college of education in the region where student-teachers will be trained to argument the quality of teaching and learning to improve upon the human resources of the young region.

Vision Statement

A centre for quality professional teacher training and education.

Mission Statement

SAVCOE exists for the education and development of resourceful and creative teachers capable of teaching in any basic school.

Core Values

  • Academic Excellence
  • Life-Long Learning
  • Integrity
  • Morality
  • Sustainability



SavCoe Logo

Colour Symbolism

The Logo of Savannah college of Education has three key features and colours. Namely:

  • A rising Sun in Yellow
  • A book and Pen in Blue
  • Weaver in Forest Green

a rising sun

This represents the new dawn of enlightenment in Savannah Region. The establishment of higher institutions brings about development and reduces the rate of illiteracy and promote access to quality education. Thus, the RISING SUN IN YELLOW, represents youthfulness and vitality in the quest for knowledge.

a rising sun

This also represents the rich cultural setting of the people of Daboya and the region with their creative abilities. Thus, the forest green represents maturity and fruitfulness.

a rising sun

This represents academic excellence and progress. Similarly, AN OPEN BOOK AND PEN IN BLUE depict love and peace in the pursuit of academic excellence.